Sundora & Dgendu

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Joachim Ciocca

Joachim Ciocca is a Swiss circus artist and performer. During his studies at the National Circus School of Montreal, he developed a solid base in motion as well as in several circus disciplines. Having subsequently worked with multi-disciplinary companies such as Elastic Theater and the dance company Alias ​​Guilherme Bothelo, he had the opportunity to broaden his personal vocabulary in theater, but especially in dance. He is now interested in connecting and developing the link between dance, acrobatics, vertical rope and unicycle. His current work in the nocturnes show of the circus company the 7 fingers hand choreographed by Marcos Morau (LaVeronal) and his work in the company of dance IDEM allows him to deepen even more this research. He joined Sundora & Dgendu in 2017.