Sundora & Dgendu

Dorota Łęcka & Gérald Durand

Things That The Body Keeps Alive

Where in the body do our memories reside? How do they create what we call “personality”…? How can a series of memories create habits that make us behave and move in a certain way? How do these memories live their lives and affect us even if it has been years or decades from the moment we experienced them for the first time? Can we search for the origins of physical memories and eventually let them go?

In their new creation Dorota Lecka and Gerald Durand together with four dancers research on the notions of individual and global “physical memory”. Using different techniques that allow the body to remember events on the pure, cellular level they ponder upon how this can become a basis for a vocabulary of movement and become a trigger point for an intimate dialogue with the spectator.

Idea and choreography: Dorota Łęcka & Gérald Durand with the participation of the dancers Light design: German Schwab Coproduction: Dansometre Vevey & Théâtre de L’Oriental Vevey