Sundora & Dgendu

Dorota Łęcka & Gérald Durand


Dorota Łęcka has been discovering pedagogical aspect of contemporary dance ever since she graduated from Movement Research Studies in Austria.

Her teaching originates from the body awareness built by a decade of Yoga practise and her personal way of understanding the body. Building deep connections, releasing tensions and rediscovering true physical sensations are a few of the many aspects of her  teaching.

In her classes she emphasizes anatomical research based on spiral dynamics, differentiation between skeletal, muscular and other systems that build the body, awareness of deep articulations and organic weight.

She invites her students for a journey into their center, the source of energy, connection and well-being.

Her aim is to help students to rediscover not only their physical potential but also to share with them the peace, joy and pleasure one can find within their body.

She was an adjunct professor at the San Diego State University and a guest teacher at the Institute for Dance Arts in Linz. Today she gives regular courses in Brig and Lausanne as well as workshops of contemporary dance for professional dance companies and dance festivals.


Gerald Durand’s work is driven by the key elements of the body and its weight. By using the energy generated through organic movement, dancers are able to discover a new relation with their body and the space around it.

Gerald works with intuitive impulses which create a natural flow of energy and a physical state of ease, articulation and power.

Preparing the dancers with exercises and stretching is an investment that improves the connection to the body and future performance. Gerald works on the many facets of this technique and developed close links between anatomy and kinesthesia.

Dancers learn to exercise their imaginary states through various sequences and improvisation. They become more receptive physically and learn about the capabilities of their body.

Gerald searches for a natural way of moving which will allow everyone to find their personal movement allowing them to feel free.

He has been also teaching in several schools in Geneva and Lausanne as well as in dance festivals (Tanztendenzen, International Festival of Dance Theatre in Lublin, Gdansk Dance Festival in Gdansk and others).

He regularly gives choreographic workshops for professional dancers and actors.

Contemporary dance teaching @

KONZERT THEATER – Bern, Switzerland

LE MARCHEPIED – Lausanne, Switzerland

LES TEINTURERIES – Lausanne, Switzerland

DANCE AREA – Geneva, Switzerland

COMPANY GREFFE – Geneva, Switzerland

TANZHAUS – Zürich, Switzerland

CNSMD – Lyon, France


COMPAGNIE LINGA – Pully, Switzerland

CDSH – Hamburg, Germany